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Through the Eyes of an Astronaut
0h 28m
Directed by Franco-German duo Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff and Jürgen Hansen, Through the Eyes of an Astronaut is a 28-minute documentary based on images shot on board (and outside) of the International Space Station (ISS) by Thomas Pesquet, the European Space Agency’s (ESA) youngest astronaut, and the 10th French astronaut to travel into space. Enjoy the highlights of his six-month space odyssey, the Proxima Mission, 400 km above the Earth. Pesquet docked with the ISS in November 2016 for a 196-day, 17-hour, and 49-minute mission. The filmmakers and Pesquet had agreed to a shooting plan before the mission, but the result exceeded their expectations! Pesquet kept a daily visual diary -he brought back more than 600 hours of footage, including 40 in IMAX format, sharing his thoughts and feelings on the beauty and fragile nature of our planet, and man’s place in the universe.


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