How to log in/register?

Please use /register or /key in the m4d Discord server. You will get a dm from the bot MovieBot V3 with your discord ID and key to log on (if this doesn’t happen you may need to allow dms from server members in User Settings > Privacy & Safety)

Do you have a backup server??

Yes, Backup here.

Why does the movie not come up in the search function??

Make sure that you’ve spelt the title of your movie correctly.

Why does the movie says it's unavailable??

We either haven’t downloaded these movies yet or they haven’t been released yet. Request the movie on the Discord

How do I request a movie??

Go to the m4d Discord server, in the channel #request-content and use the command s.movie <moviename>. Remember to use the correct spelling. Follow the directions from there. It will be displayed in #movie-notifs when available

Is a movie downloaded when I add it to my watchlist??

No, it won’t be downloaded until you request it on the Discord server.

If it's not loading on the website??

Click the stream not working button. Will show you to a link starting with https://stream.movies4discord.xyz/ or https://stream-us.movies4discord.xyz or https://stream-as.movies4discord.xyz You can either watch the movie in your browser, or you can open the link in VLC and watch it there.

Do you have TV shows??

Yes we do, just search for them


Limited amount.

Who made the logos??

The three logos were made by Milknees, alimon and StriXy

Can I ping @everyone??

No but you can ping @razorback